The Middle School (with the help of many 5th graders) did a spectacular job performing in the play of Honk. The “honkers” spent time, and hard work, and were often overwhelmed by all the work, but they kept going, and it was an inspirational performance done from our very own 5th graders: Lily, Gal, Sydney, Audrey Burkey, Sophie, Victoria, Brie, Annabel, Emmy, Maia, Nick, Beau, Laine, and Camille. I think Emmy, Maia, Beau, and Max Milvid did, a phenomenal job as ducklings. And I also think it was pretty funny, how Lily and Sam were in the same play.

Congratulations to all of the people in Honk!!! You were wonderful.

The wizard of oz

Newman has done a wonderful job with the production of the Wizard Of Oz. Not only was it a well preformed and unique choice, but to be more interesting/different they let middle, upper,  and lower school have a chance to try out. Though many  sadly didn’t make it, those who did, did a great job, and almost every one went to see it. Hopefully,many people will try out for Honk. For those who auditioned in Wizard of Oz and didn’t make it, good luck on your audition.