Final Four

The four teams in the final four are Louisville, Kansas, Kentucky, and Ohio State. The best players on each team are Peyton Siva (Louisville), Thomas Robinson (Kansas), Anthony Davis (Kentucky), and Jared Sullinger (Ohio State). The best 3 point shooting team is Ohio State. The best overall team is Kentucky. Congrat to the four teams in the Final Four!!!

The Munny Club

“A group of Newman 5th grader have started a new club! This club raises money to buy Munies for children at children’s hospital with heart disease. What’s a Munny? A toy that you can draw on and make it your own! The Munny Club will soon have an upcoming project. Go Munny Club!”       -Victoria Marcus


The Middle School (with the help of many 5th graders) did a spectacular job performing in the play of Honk. The “honkers” spent time, and hard work, and were often overwhelmed by all the work, but they kept going, and it was an inspirational performance done from our very own 5th graders: Lily, Gal, Sydney, Audrey Burkey, Sophie, Victoria, Brie, Annabel, Emmy, Maia, Nick, Beau, Laine, and Camille. I think Emmy, Maia, Beau, and Max Milvid did, a phenomenal job as ducklings. And I also think it was pretty funny, how Lily and Sam were in the same play.

Congratulations to all of the people in Honk!!! You were wonderful.

Superbowl XLVI

The Superbowl  was close but the New York Giants pulled it away. The score was 21- 17 , and the MVP of the game was ELI MANNING!!! He won a 2012 Corvette.  Good job Giants, but Patriots fans: good luck next year!

Andrew Gottsegen wrote a wrap about Eli Manning, and here it is:

His name is Eli, he is number 10. You see him on the TV in your den.  He plays a lot of football in the NFL, He won the Superbowl, so everybody YELL!  He makes good passes, he has a lot of might, when the pats fans see him, they will get a fright!!!

Good job Eli and the Giants!

Keil Moss’s water shoes

Walking on Water: The Miraculous Tale of One Newman Student


Some people feel that they can walk on water, but few people are up to the task when there is a camera present. Not so for 5th grader Keil Moss. While reading up on the Samurai for his Humanities class, Keil came across an image of a samurai walking on water with some special shoes. He was so impressed by the image he decided to try it himself. He designed his water shoes at home and then offered to demonstrate his invention to his classmates at the School.


With the entire 5th grade class looking on, Keil donned his shoes – two bus pans with Crocs taped in the bottoms – and took to the water. Spiraling his arms to keep his balance, Keil stayed afloat for a miraculous 19 seconds before splashing into the pool.

Congratulations, Keil Moss, for performing this extraordinary feat!